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It’s one thing to make claims about case durability or movement reliability; it’s an entirely different thing to showcase it. Here at Wound For Life, we do our best to bring transparency to these claims, and sometimes, all it takes is telling a story. Men and women much more badass than us have inadvertently provided field-tested results of water, magnetic field, temperature, and pressure resistance capabilities of timepieces – and we’re gratefully re-telling their tales with our Lessons in Wristory series.

Lessons In Wristory: Rolex Promotional Brochures

We’re taking a deep dive into 1950s and 1960s Rolex promotional brochures today. Let’s find out what Don Draper cooked up for the masses.


Lessons in Wristory: What’s a Record?

In our latest post where we dig up the ghosts of watchmaking’s past, we’re talking about Record Watch Company. Read up on their short but rich history.


Lessions In Wristory: Vetta’s Wyler Roots

Today we’re taking a trip back in history to learn a bit more about Vetta, a sub-brand of the now defunct Swiss brand, Wyler.


Lessons In Wristory: Jaeger Automotive Instruments

Everyone knows Jaeger LeCoultre’s status in the present day watch industry, but not quite as many know their history with automotive instruments.


Smiths Watches: More than Mt Everest

One of the two brands that conquered Everest, Smiths is not very well known. Let’s take a deep dive into who this small time British watchmaker was.


Lessons in Wristory: What’s a Nivada?

Today we’re once again looking to the past to find out about another lost brand: Nivada. Let’s put a face to the name you’re always seeing on eBay.

Lessons In Wristory: The Rolex Watches of Chuck Yeager

How do you make a watch “badass”? Put it on the wrist of a badass! Today we’re taking a look at the Rolex watches of Chuck Yeager, a certified boss.


Lessons in Wristory: What’s a Wakmann?

If you’ve ever asked yourself what the hell a Wakmann is, you can wonder no longer. Read up on a brief history of the pre-Quartz Crisis brand.


Part 3: German Watchmaking History

In part 3 of German watchmaking history, we take a look at how Glashütte returned to its pre-war watchmaking glory.


Lessons in Wristory: Heuer Calculator

After divers, pilots, and racing chronographs, what’s next? The calculator! We’re talking slide rules here, folks. Read up on the Heuer Calculator.


German Watchmaking History Part II

Continuing our coverage of German watchmaking history, Part II brings you through post-war Pforzheim. Beware of the battery!


German Watchmaking History Part I

We love us some German watches. So, to better understand how they got to be where they are today, we’re going to tackle early German watchmaking history.


Navigating by Rolex and Sextant

Thanks to a reliable Rolex Oyster, roughly 200 passengers aboard the SS City of Cairo managed to survive a U-boat attack during WWII.


Lessons In Wristory: Zenith A. Cairelli Roma CP-2

Not all military watches are MilSubs and WWWs. Check out the rare and beautiful Zenith A. Cairelli Roma CP-2 issued to the Italian military.


Lessons in Wristory: Navigating the Sahara with a Rolex

Using his Rolex GMT Master as a compass, Tom Sheppard led the first west-to-east expedition of the Sahara. Modern technology is so overrated.

Lessons In Wristory: The Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

Today, we’re revisiting our story on the Omega Speedmaster Mark Series. No doubt a series of historic, unique, and often underrated vintage Speedmasters.


Lessons in Wristory: Back Plate Evolution

Interested in plate and bridge construction? Perfect. Check out our history of back plate evolution.


Lessons In Wristory: Beta 21 Quartz Movement

The “Quartz Crisis” is looked at as a dark time for mechanical watches. However, there’s a lot more to the story than meets the eye.


Lessons in Wristory: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Mariner Chronometer

With the new Geophysic reviving the one from 1958, we thought we’d bring to light another JLC timepiece from 1958, the Master Mariner Chronometer.

Lessons In Wristory: Vintage Omega vs Modern Omega

Based on previous articles, it’s obvious we love vintage Omega chronographs. Now we’re taking a look at how they stack up against their modern counterparts.

Lessons In Wristory: A. Lange & Söhne’s 25th Anniversary

A. Lange & Söhne, challenger to the titans of haute horology, are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Check out our profile of their impressive history.

Lessons in Wristory: Omega Seamaster Bullhead

Wound For Life examines the history and character of the Omega Seamaster Bullhead in its latest Lessons in Wristory.

Lessons in Wristory: British North Greenland Expedition

There’s nothing like a good watch story. Check out our breakdown of the Tudors worn during the British North Greenland Expedition from 1952 – 1954.

Lessons in Wristory: Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer

With abnormally colorful dials and featuring the caliber 861, the Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer was one of Omega’s coolest chronographs. Check out our breakdown of the different variants.

Lessons In Wristory: Omega Seamaster Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader

We continue our Omega Chronograph series with the Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader Seamaster models. Easily one of the coolest pairs of references — search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Lessons in Wristory: American Railroad Watches

For over 100 years, the American rail system relied on mechanical watches to stay on time. Check out our breakdown of its rich watchmaking history.

Lessons in Wristory: William Bond & Son

Creators of the first marine chronometer and timekeepers for the Massachusetts railroad, William Bond & Son were a vital part of early American watchmaking.

Lessons in Wristory: The Omega Flightmaster

The Omega Flightmaster watches are rare and distinctive, join us as we continue our look at Omega’s unique chronographs. — Wound For Life

Lessons in Wristory: Early Radium Use

We all know about LumiNova and tritium, but what pioneered watch dial lume? Radium. Come check out our Lesson in Wristory on early Radium use in watches.

Lessons in Wristory: Water Resistant Chronographs

With extra holes in their case, chronographs are at a disadvantage in the water. Check out our Lesson in Wristory about watchmakers overcoming this problem.

Lessons in Wristory: The Transglobe Expedition Rolex

The Transglobe Expedition was an incredible mission that required an incredible watch. Meet the Rolex Explorer/GMT Master.

Lessons in Wristory: A-8 Ground Speed Stopwatch

The military watch collecting world is saturated with Milsubs and Mark XI’s, check out our Lesson in Wristory on the lesser known A-8 Ground Speed Stopwatch.


Lessons in Wristory: The Bell & Ross Story

The genesis of a well-conceived university project and serious watch industry know-how, Bell & Ross has since become a household name. Check out their full story in our latest Lesson in Wristory.


Lessons In Wristory: Greenwich Mean Time

Inspired by the original Rolex GMT Master and the most useful watch complication created, we dig into the origins of Greenwich Mean Time — Wound For Life


Lessons In Wristory: The Omega Speedmaster Mark Series

The Omega Speedmaster Mark Series of watches are historic, unique, and often underrated vintage line of Speedmaster. Here’s their story. — Wound For Life


Lessons in Wristory: Benrus Types I and II

The military watch market is and has been booming, but often overlooked are the Benrus Types I and II. Come check out Lessons in Wristory to read about this tactical sleeper.


Lessons in Wristory: Omega Speedmaster NASA Testing Process

Wound For Life — Ever wonder how the Omega Speedmaster managed to qualify for spaceflight? Let’s just say it went through the NASA gauntlet.


Lessons in Wristory: The Boer War


Wound For Life — Prior to the turn of the 20th century, wristwatches – known as wristlets at the time – were really only worn by women. Wristwatches…

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