About Us - Wound For Life


Wound for Life was founded out of passion; a passion for watches, and the passion to live life. While it has different meanings for everyone, for us, living life means being outdoors, traveling, and taking some risks along the way. To put it roughly, we like to ‘do stuff’.

As watch lovers, when we ‘do stuff’, we must have a wrist companion; we’d feel naked without one. And in order to keep up, our watches need to be tough, they need to be built to last. Like us, the watches we enjoy are Wound for Life.


Our love of watches, specifically tough watches, leads us down crazy rabbit holes of research, spawns endless debates, and creates a perpetual desire to know more. We just figured we may as well share it with everyone. That’s what led us to W4L. We promise to deliver quality content, fair reviews, and honest opinions. Think of W4L as a documented journey through the watchmaking world, and you’re along for the ride.


If you have any questions or comments, or would simply just like to drop us a line, contact us at info@woundforlife.com.

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