Market Watch(ing): Baselworld Hangover Edition

Market Watch(ing) is back in the saddle again. We had a great time covering modern pieces for a short bit, but it’s time to bring back the vintage. Okay, so it’s not like we stopped thinking about vintage watches last week. We were still scanning the forums and eBay just as much as ever. And with that, let’s get down to what we found.


Neil’s Picks

Doxa 300T Divingstar

Doxa 300T Divingstar

It’s no secret that I love the Doxa 300T. I’ve been on the hunt for one for a long time and the rarely come up for sale. While I’ve been looking with little luck for a Sharkunter with the black dial, this Divingstar with yellow dial is even more rare. This is a complete watch with the awesome beads of rice bracelet that looks to be in great condition, and the crown and caseback are signed with crisp engravings. The Professional model with orange dial tends to be more popular but this combination of yellow bezel, black diving bezel numerals, and red no decompression numerals make for a more interesting and unique combination. I think these vintage Doxa Subs are slowly starting to get the recognition they deserve. Good for the brand, not good for my wallet if prices continue to climb. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Divingstar for sale, at least not one this nice. While this certainly isn’t cheap, especially for a Doxa, I have no doubt this is an investment that will continue to appreciate.



Seiko 6309

Seiko 6309

I love the old Seiko Turtle. I love the new Seiko Turtle. I want a vintage watch. I want a new watch with reliability and water resistance. Well, it looks like this one may be that solution. Vintage Seikos represent one of the best values in vintage watches and there’s a certain cool factor that’s unique to the brand, especially when it comes to the revered 6309. Modding can be a touchy subject with collectors, although it seems to be more widely accepted when it comes to Seikos. This 6309 has all the vintage appeal but has been modified with full lume and a domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. I’ve almost never seen a re-lume job that I would even tolerate, let alone wear, but this may be the exception. The crystal also gives a great look and clarity to the dial. The case and bezel are in good condition with minimal wear it would seem. This is just a great watch that you can wear worry free as a daily beater that won’t break the bank.



Isaac’s Picks

Heuer Autavia ref. 2446C

heuer autavia 2446c menta

As I mentioned last week in my article on the recently announced Tag Heuer Heritage Monza, the Heuer Autavia is also being brought back in 2017. As you can imagine, this news has brought a decent amount of interest to the market for vintage Autavias. Once again, finding clean, unmolested, and original examples is the name of the game, and just last night, I believe I stumbled upon a piece that checks all those boxes.

This particular Autavia ref. 2446C from Miami’s Menta Watches is in gorgeous shape, with matching luminous compound on the hands and dial, thick lugs, and a scratch-free bezel. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this configuration of the Ref. 2446C, with a red chronograph seconds hand and red markings in the chapter ring surrounding the dial is considerably rarer than standard examples, making it just that much cooler.



LeJour ZRC 300

lejour zrc300

I was first introduced to ZRC watches earlier this year by a friend of the site and fellow collector on Instagram, @watchistry. After hearing the French brand’s story and taking a look at some of their most notable references, I must say that I’m a fan of their somewhat quirky yet highly functional designs. There’s just something about them that’s slightly odd, in the best way possible, sort of like a Citroën DS from the 1960’s. Now, before I start swooning over French automobile design, let’s take a look at a LeJour ZRC 300, currently available from Lunar Oyster.

With it’s sunburst blue dial and “Coke” bezel (black and red), this watch has great presence on the wrist. However, it’s when you take a closer look that you realize some of the most interesting aspects of this piece are things like the manufacturer’s misprint on the dial that reads “Self Wimding”, and the red day wheel placed just to the right of nine o’ clock. I personally think that for the asking price, it’s hard to find a dive watch with more character.



Dean’s Picks

Rolex Pan Am Wall Clock

rolex wall clock

As you well know I can’t stay away from Hodinkee, especially their shop. Looks like they have been offering a more even selection of watches recently, and they are still selling like gangbusters. Well, this piece right here just so happened to have sold on the old ‘Dinkaroo for $9500. It’s the famed Pan Am chronometer wall clock. I won’t rehash all the historical gobbledygook about the Rolex and Pan Am connection here. We are all familiar with it, right? Pilots, GMTs, White GMTs, yada yada yada. Also, I’m not quite sure I get the appeal of $10,000 electric wall clocks, but your mileage may vary. Personally, I prefer to go pick up a wall clock down at Target; but be careful, as Daniel Tosh says, “you go in there for 2 things and then you see the frames; who can pass up brushed silver?!” Anyway this wall clock that someone paid close to 10-large for is available on eBay for $2500, or best offer. Yes, it’s missing a little blue paint, but not 7 grand worth of it.

$2,500 or Make Offer

Jaeger LeCoultre Valjoux 72 Panda Chronograph

jlc v72 caso

And now a little caveat emptor for you guys. As some of you may know the world of JLC sport chronographs is notoriously murky. I came across this fantastic looking panda LeCoultre chronograph while browsing the web recently. On first glance, it seems to check all the boxes. The condition looks immaculate, and who has ever seen a panda-dialed, V72-powered LeCoultre chronograph before? Not I! That’s when I put on the brakes. There have been many examples of fake or franken JLC-branded chronographs displayed on the net. Eric Wind went into a good bit of detail here. I, my friends, am NO Eric Wind. I’m not even an Eric Breeze. So it’s a bit beyond me to outright call this thing FUBAR. I would say that more information is needed before a purchase. At the very least, I’d like to see the movement inside this thing, as Mr. Wind does a nice job breaking down a bad LeCoultre bridge inscription on one of the fakes he describes. See for yourself.

Inquire for Price

Shane’s Picks

Lemania Soccer Timer-ish Chronograph

lemania soccermaster

On the list of watches I love, the Omega Soccer Timer is pretty high up. So, it should be no surprise I also love this Lemania Chronograph being nicknamed here as the “Speedsoccer”. I personally would have chosen Soccermaster, but hey, it’s not my watch (yet). As you can see, it carries what seems to be an identical match with the case of the ref 145.019 Seamaster Soccer Timer — the obvious tells are the 41mm diameter, and 10 o’clock bezel crown. Where the Speedmaster reference comes from is the very Speedmastery dial. Put this all together, throw in a Lemania cal. 1873 (Omega cal. 861), and you’ve got yourself a Soccermaster. The price is a little aggressive to me, being an off-brand and all, but I think under $3K USD would be fair.



Tissot Sideral Bullhead

Tissot Sideral Bullhead

I’m going with another Lemania-powered watch, this time housed in Tissot packaging. Tissot made a number of Sideral models, but arguably none are cooler than the Bullhead. These odd fiberglass-cased watches are powered by the Lemania cal. 1277 (Tissot cal. 872), and this one happens to have a badass multi-color dial to go with it. I see a couple lume plots missing, but the hands are nicely aged. For €700, I think this Tissot is a pretty fair deal (especially with the extra dial), but it’s always worth countering.


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