Market Watch(ing): Vintage Watches for President’s Day

lemania monopusher

The holiday you’ve all been waiting for is here — it’s President’s Day weekend! Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting. But, hey. There’s never a poor excuse to scour the forms and eBay for awesome watches for sale. If a dead guy with wooden teeth and a penchant for chopping down cherries trees isn’t cause enough for a two hour Watch Recon detour, I don’t know what is. Anyway, let’s get down to this week’s Market Watch(ing) picks.


Isaac’s Picks

Rolex Submariner Lapis and Onyx Dials

rolex sub lapis

Those that know me will know that I like to refer to the¬†stainless steel Rolex Submariner as the “white t-shirt of watches”, since you can wear one everyday with just about anything, and confidently face any conditions with one on your wrist. It’s just that versatile, durable, and classic. With that said, not all Submariners are created for the faint of heart, and are more akin to a french cuff dress shirt. Not following? Well then, take a look at these two Submariners that Luca Musumeci has available, both in 18 karat yellow gold, with genuine lapis and onyx dials. As far as semi-modern Submariners go, these are just about as rare as it gets, and the fact that they pass as standard gold Submariners to the untrained eye makes them all the more appealing in my opinion.

Inquire for Price — Lapis

Inquire for Price — Onyx


Omega Suveran ref 2400-7

Omega Suveran

On a much more easily attainable note, what we’ve got here is an Omega Suveran – a watch I’ve spoken about in the past, and still strongly believe to be a great deal that still goes unnoticed in the market for vintage watches. They’ve got the “it” look, a legendary caliber beating on the inside, and are almost always seen with rather exciting dials. This example I came across on the forums is no exception, as it’s tropical dial with all its lume still intact makes for quite the impressive overall aesthetic. At only $680, I find it hard not to like this piece.



Dean’s Picks

Alright, last week I took a dad pass but this week I am back with a couple of picks to balance out Isaac “6 figure vintage Patek” Wingold and the Military tool watch twins. So let’s get into it.

Rolex “Red ” Submariner ref 1680

red sub hqmilton

When it comes to vintage watches it takes different strokes to move the world. Personally, I LOVE a shade of lume that is between cafe latte and pumpkin in color and this dial on offer by Jacek and Scott is just the perfect shade for me. Add to the perfect lume an absolutely clean dial and honest case and you have a winner on your hands. Now, let’s talk about the 600lb gorilla. This watch, and ones like it, are in the $13.5k plus range. Clearly the price on a great Red Sub has steadily climbed over the last few years, so if you need a great one, it looks like you will have to be prepared to open the wallet a little wider that before. Is that the right move? Well, that’s up to you the buyer.


Vacheron Constantin Triple Date Moonphase

vacheron triple date caso

Alright; Subs are old hat. We get it, you need to read about another vintage Sub for sale like you need a second asshole. Well, how about a vintage Vacheron triple date moonphase? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, haters. The VC triple date moonphase is quite possibly THE quintessential triple date moonphase watch. This particular complication is my personal favorite and the particular watch on offer from Caso Watches again checks all the boxes for me. Now, sure you can get a JLC or lesser triple date calendar for less. Hell, the movement inside the VC is a JLC movement; however, the level of finishing on the movement and the 18k case in unparalleled.

Inquire for Price


Shane’s Picks

Lemania RAF Monopusher

lemania monopusher

Since I’ve picked a military watch in just about every Market Watch(ing) so far, I guess I should keep the train rolling. Here we have a Lemania Monopusher made for the RAF. It features an oversized 40mm asymmetrical case that’s perfect for today’s size standards. The dial lume is practically perfect, and it contrasts really nicely with the black dial. The hands look a little green, but that’s not out of the ordinary for a military watch of its age. All in all, this is a fantastic example at a reasonable price.



Wakmann 2 Register Chrono

wakmann reverse panda ebay

Going even further down the budget road, here’s a Wakmann that’s currently sitting at $370 with 6 bids. The overall condition looks pretty solid, though I would like to see movement shots. I’d bet there’s a manual wind Valjoux 7733 inside, but confirmation is always nice. What I like about this piece, aside from the condition, is the reverse panda dial, nicely aged markers and hands, and the orange accents. Based on the dial layout, there’s an obvious “Top Time” vibe going on. If this can be grabbed for under $600, I think you have yourself a steal.

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