Technical Notes - Wound For Life

Invulnerable watches don’t just happen; they are created with incredible vision, dedication, and the meticulous pursuit of perfection. We love these watches, and it’s not just their outward capabilities, it’s also the details in the roots of their inception. In an effort to understand them, we sift through heaps of engineering and horological jargon and do our damnedest to come up with clear layman’s explanations in our Technical Notes series.

Technical Notes: Cloisonné Dials

Read up on how the intricately finished cloisonné dials are painstakingly created by master artists and enamel workers.


Lessons in Wristory: Back Plate Evolution

Interested in plate and bridge construction? Perfect. Check out our history of back plate evolution.


Technical Notes: Rattrapante Chronograph Breakdown

After breaking down cam-actuated and column wheel chronographs, Isaac Wingold tells us about the rattrapante chronograph.


Technical Notes: Column Wheel vs Cam Actuated Chronographs

What’s better, a column wheel or cam actuated chronograph? Check out our latest Technical Notes and find out.


Technical Notes: Ball Watch SpringLOCK System

Ball has long lead the charge towards more robust watches. With their SpringLOCK system, Ball Watch has brought shock protection to the next level.

Technical Notes: Bronze Watch Cases

Bronze watch cases have been all the rage. Are they just a fad? Isaac Wingold tells us the full story behind this robust material.


Technical Notes: The Sapphire Crystal

We all know what a sapphire crystal is, but do you know how it’s made? Check out our Technical Notes on The Sapphire Crystal to find out.


Technical Notes: Baselworld 2014 Escapement News

At Baselworld 2014, we were treated with a couple of major innovations. Check out our Technical Notes of the big escapement news from NOMOS and Ulysse Nardin.


The hairspring is one of the most important parts of a mechanical watch movement. First developed over 300 years ago, it has seen drastic improvements, with silicon being the new trend. Read our breakdown for the ‘what’ and ‘why’ silicon hairsprings are becoming increasingly popular.

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