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While there’s great value in providing objective-based content, sometimes it just feels plain good to get inwardly-kept thoughts off your chest. To get a dose of our inner monologue by way of personal anecdotes and rants, keep an eye out for our Opinion series.

Opinion: Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary

If there’s anything that can get Dean riled up enough to write an opinion piece, it’s a controversial watch from Patek. Luckily, there’s two of them to write about. Read up on his thoughts of the new Patek Philippe Nautilus Anniversary watches.


Roundtable: Vintage Watches and Scams

With the latest news about a watch dealer being sued, we’re talking vintage watches and scams.


Where Did the Affordable Manual Wind Chronograph Go?

Ever wonder what happened to the manual wind chronograph? The options are limited, and something needs to be done about that.


Sometimes I Wish I Wasn’t a Watch Guy

Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane…to those times where we weren’t addicted to watches. Man, sometimes I wish I wasn’t a watch guy.


Should You Worry About Dial Aging?

Should the future of the vintage watch market be played like a game of hot potato? Spoiler alert: no. Click through to find out why.


Why Does It Take So Long to Fix My Watch?

Does it really take 4 months to service your Omega or Rolex? How about 7 for your Patek? The simple answer is: yes and no.


So, You Want a New Ceramic Daytona?

The talk of Baselworld 2016 was undoubtedly the new Rolex ceramic Daytona. So, what’s it gonna take to get your hands on one? We asked some dealers their thoughts.


Reaction: Hodinkee Is Selling Watches

The dust hasn’t quite settled yet, but we’re ready to talk about yesterday’s news of Hodinkee’s entrance into the vintage watch sales world.


Baselworld 2016 Wishlist

Baselworld is right around the corner, and it’s almost time to get excited. Take a look at a few watches we’re hoping for in our Baselworld 2016 Wishlist.


ChainLink: An Answer to Counterfeit Watches

It would be great to get rid of counterfeit watches, right? Well, the solution might be here with ChainLink and its tamper-proof digital certificates.


Hot Take: SIHH and Watch Journalism

Reading SIHH coverage is like listening to a grandmother talk about how their grandson’s little league season is going. Get ready for a hot take, folks.


Opinion: Current State of Watch Collecting

Watch collecting has undoubtedly been affected by Instagram, for better AND for worse. The “watch porn” is great, but it’s losing some of the passion and quest for knowledge, and we’re getting a little worried.


Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction Re-Cap

Thanks to Christie’s Speedmaster 50 auction, rare Speedmasters are moving in one direction: up. Take a look at our recap of the important auction.


Opinion: An Appreciation of the Voutilainen Observatoire

Lately as my taste in watches continues to go further off the beaten path, I’ve started taking notice of a number of independent watchmakers…


Opinion: Vintage Speedmasters Ready for Launch

With Christie’s Speedmaster 50 auction coming up in a few weeks, vintage Speedies are primed for an explosion. We’re ready for never-before-seen prices, are you?


A Night with James Bond and Omega

Last night I was lucky enough to view an early premier of SPECTRE, the latest installment to the James Bond franchise.


The Story Behind Straps4ACure

You’ve probably seen the pink accented straps all over Instagram, but what are they all about? Here’s the full story on Straps4ACure.


Opinion: Give The People What They Want

With their latest releases, Omega and Vacheron Constantin managed to give the people what they want. Now, let’s see some more of that!


Introducing the European Watch Company App

The watch world is becoming increasingly driven by eCommerce, and the latest example is European Watch Company’s new iOS app.


Opinion: Thoughts on Rolex’s Extended Warranty

Now that the news has had the chance to sink in, I’ve laid out my thoughts on Rolex’s extended warranty.


Introduction to Flipping Watches

As an introduction to flipping watches, Dean Kolnick shares his experiences with the watch market.


Eric Wind’s Top 10 Picks from the Christie’s New York Sale

Eric Wind provides his insights on his Top 10 Picks from the Christie’s New York sale. Read up!


Face Off: Summer Beach Watches

A watch for every occasion would be great, which is why we’re bringing you our favorite summer beach watches.


Navigating the Vintage Watch Market

Guest writer Dean Kolnick opens up about his experiences navigating the vintage watch market.


Speculating About the IWC Connect

IWC announced the IWC Connect, a smart button that fits to their straps. With few details released, it’s time to speculate!


Kobold Watches in Nepal

Kobold has an incredible history in Kathmandu, which is why they are on the scene now, helping with the relief effort following the devastating earthquake.


Opinion: Do I Need a Watch Winder?

Do you need a watch winder? We do our best to answer this common question.

Guinand Watches Is Coming Back

After things looked permanently bleak, we’ve heard Guinand Watches will remain open under new management. Long live Helmut Sinn!

A Rolex Submariner Heirloom

Here’s a story of one lucky Redditor who received an heirloom Rolex with an awesome story behind it.

Opinion: Love the One You’re With

Vintage watch collecting can quickly become a cumbersome and time consuming hobby. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and see the forest for the trees.


Winners and Losers of Baselworld 2015

Check out the Wound For Life team’s “winners and losers” of Baselworld 2015.


Opinion: Omega and Rolex Basel Predictions

We love speculating about new watch releases. Here are a couple Basel predictions we see coming out of Omega and Rolex this year.


Opinion: Tough Love For Panerai

At times, popular consumer brands can fall into a design rut, needing a boost to get out. That’s our intent here, offering up some tough love for Panerai.


Opinion: Patek Philippe Price Decrease

Patek Philippe announced across-the-board price changes effective February 11, 2015. Here’s our take on what that might mean.


Opinion: Fixing the James Bond Omega Watches

We love James Bond movies and Omega watches, but not as much the two together. Check out out solution for fixing the James Bond Omega watches.

Opinion: Favorite Watches of SIHH 2015

The crew from Wound For Life reviews their favorite watches of SIHH 2015.


Opinion: TAG Heuer Smartwatch

With the announcement of the upcoming TAG Heuer smartwatch, we figured we’d weigh in on it, as well as the smartwatch industry as a whole.


Opinion: Hold Onto The Memories

On this crazy and exciting ride that is watch collecting, you’re bound to pick up your fair share of stories. Today, we’d like to share one with you!


Opinion: Montblanc e-Strap

The newest (and most exciting) smart watch is the Montblanc e-Strap. Check out our take on the accessory that’s staying away from spoken-for wrist space.


Opinion: Favorite Watches of 2014

After a year of great releases, we take a look back at some of our favorite watches of 2014.

Opinion: Budget Christmas Watches

Is there anything you want more for Christmas than a watch? Almost out of money from shopping? We’ve got you covered with some great budget options.


Opinion: Shinola and “Made in USA”

Shinola’s recent announcement of their upcoming dial making plans sparks a bigger conversation of “Made in USA” watchmaking.

Tonight: Auctionata Chrono24 Modern & Vintage Timepieces

Wednesday, November 19th German auction house, Auctionata, will hold their very first U.S. auction of expertly selected modern and vintage timepieces.

Opinion: Christie’s Important Watches Recap

The historical watch auctions continue with Christie’s Important Watches. Check out the lots that really caught our attention.


Opinion: Christie’s Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary Auction Recap

Kicking off three days of major auctions was Christie’s Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary auction. A day of impressive lots, several stuck out in particular.


Opinion: Solving the In-House Problem

The in-house debate is heating up. ABTW gave their well thought out opinion last week, and today it’s our turn. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.


Opinion: The Five Essential Watch Accessories

For true watch nerds and WIS, collecting watches doesn’t simply end with the watch. Check out our list of essential watch accessories for every collection.


Opinion: Re-Booted Watch Brands

Waltham is the latest historical watch brand to be re-booted. So, how did they do? Not well. Check out the article for the full story.

Opinion: Apple Watch Impact

Looking to grab the world’s collective wrist real estate, Apple has released the Apple Watch. Check out our opinion on its impact.


Opinion: Watches of the Expendables

With the release of Expendables 3, we take a look at the watches Sly Stallone has featured in all the Expendables films.

Opinion: Bremont Debacle Update

Many of our comments still stand from our initial reaction to the Bremont “in-house” movement debacle. Come check out our final word and then let’s be done with it!


Opinion: Best Summer Watch Picks

A new season means a new watch, right? Check out Wound For Life’s picks for summer watches.


Opinion: Tag Heuer CH80 News

Tag Heuer’s recent news about halting production of the caliber CH80 was disappointing. However, it’s our hope they have other exciting things in store.

Opinion: Christie’s Important Watches Auction Recap

At Christie’s Important Watches auction on Wednesday, there were some really interesting hammer prices. Check out our thoughts on what went down.

Opinion: The Bulova Royal Oak Myth

With the boom in vintage watch collecting, there aren’t very many well kept secrets. But what about the Bulova Royal Oak? Could that be one? Isaac Wingold does some digging for the truth.

Opinion: The Red Bar Effect

Thanks to modern technology, watch collecting has come on as a hot trend as of late. Groups like the Red Bar Crew have brought strangers together — who would have remained strangers otherwise — through a common love of watches.


Opinion: The Ultimate James Bond Watch

With the seemingly unlimited funds of MI-6, what watch should James Bond wear? Find out what W4L thinks is the Ultimate James Bond Watch.


Opinion: Love the One You’re With

Vintage watch collecting can quickly become a cumbersome and time consuming hobby. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and see the forest for the trees.

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