Under the Loupe - Wound For Life

Under The Loupe: Tudor Submariner Marine Nationale

Let’s take an in-depth look at one of the most sought after military issued watches: The Tudor Submariner Marine Nationale.


Under the Loupe: Omega Railmaster CK2914

Today we go Under the Loupe with the original Omega Railmaster CK2914, the lesser-appreciated member of Omega’s Holy Trinity of tool watches.


Under the Loupe: Rolex Explorer Reference 6610

Let’s go Under the Loupe and check out the early Rolex Explorer reference 6610.


Under the Loupe: Rolex Explorer II 16550

Between the better known references 1655 and 116570 is the forgotten Rolex Explorer II 16550.


Under The Loupe: Omega Seamaster 600m PloProf

As “purpose built” for being underwater as a space shuttle in space, the Omega Seamaster 600m PloProf is going under the loupe.

Under The Loupe: Rolex GMT Master 1675

For this edition of Under the Loupe, we take a close look at the Rolex GMT Master 1675.


Under The Loupe: Rolex Submariner Gilt 5513

In our inaugural “Under the Loupe”, we take a close look at the “gilt” examples of the Rolex Submariner ref 5513.

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