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We love mechanical watches of all sorts, but there are some watches that are a cut above. For us, it’s not just about the looks, or a single, superior characteristic; it’s about the history. There’s nothing like a timepiece that has an incredible story and lineage behind it. You can see their influence spiderweb it’s way into future watch generations. These are the kinds of watches that bring folks into watch collecting; the kinds of watches that make enthusiasts spend hours on end researching and learning. The Wound For Life Hall of Fame is our way of showcasing the best of timepieces built to stand the test of time.

Hall of Fame: DOXA 300T

The classic, purpose-built, and often underrated DOXA Sub 300T is the newest member of our Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame: Panerai Luminor Marina PAM00111

The Panerai Luminor Marina PAM00111 is the newest member of the Wound For Life Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame: Seiko Diver’s 200m

Just as timeless as a Submariner, the Seiko Diver’s 200m series is the newest inductee to the Wound For Life Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame: Longines 13ZN

The latest addition to the Wound For Life Hall of Fame is the Longines 13ZN, one truly incredible example of horological, in-house excellence.


Hall of Fame: Lemania 5100

The Lemania 5100 is the first movement to make it into our Hall of Fame, and it couldn’t be more worthy. Check out our full story of its awesomeness.

Hall of Fame: IWC Caliber 89

The IWC Caliber 89 is the newest addition to the Wound For Life Hall of Fame. It is a timeless example of quality, accuracy, and toughness.

Hall of Fame: Patek Philippe Calatrava 96/5196

By Isaac Wingold

We love tool watches, but they don’t always fit the occasion. Sometimes you need something a bit more refined, like the Patek Calatrava, our latest Hall of Fame inductee.


Hall of Fame: Rolex Submariner 14060

By Neil Wood

The ref 5513 Submariner is a classic, and the ref 114060 SubC is an exercise in modern technology. But, the perfect mix of classic and modern is the 14060.


Hall of Fame: Heuer Bundeswehr Flyback Chronograph

The Heuer Bundeswehr Flyback Chronograph has become an icon in the military watch collecting world. Check out our Hall of Fame post to find out why.


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